Research and Development Centers

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. Works using SNMP protocol to manage the environment of computer networks and a joint trip as an exhibitor to the CEBIT fair in Hannover. Center for Research and Development of Modern Technologies in Grzymyslawice /by Września town: comprehensive development of ICT solutions and protection systems for the administrative, teaching and workshop part, including several industrial robot workstations.

Bank facilities

Over 150 bank facilities, including: 1st Branch of PKO BP S.A. in Poznań, BZ WBK, National Bank of Poland ( the task: Warsaw, Warecka 10), branches, expositions, ATMs. Cash and treasury nodes of commercial facilities.

Residential buildings

The project involved the construction of 189 apartments with a total area of 11 852 m2. The estate consists of two five-storey buildings and three city villas with three storeys. Under each of the buildings there is an underground garage with a total of 198 parking spaces. The P.I. Unisol design team has developed a set of design documentation for the installation and ICT systems required by the Technical Conditions to be met by the buildings and their location and has met additional requirements of the Investor.

Student House of Adam Mickiewicz University . Delivery of Molex Premise Networks Structural Cabling System components (>35km of cabling, >500 copper and fiber optic lines), a set of network equipment for local area networks (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and wireless networks (advanced access points, central switch CISCO) SRP contract value over 100 thousand EUR.


Medical offices, Outpatient Clinic, Private Hospital. Delivery of servers, network devices, peripheral workstations, office software. All technical support of delivered devices and software within IT outsourcing from the beginning of the company’s operation for the first 5 years of medical activity. Coordination and technical support for the grey part by authorized partners. Technical support for the white part application supplier. Work in office conditions and in compliance with medical requirements of the operating block. Integration at the security level of hospital systems with third party IT systems.


M1 Shopping Center in Poznań.Making all fiber optic connections between all distribution cabinets of the entire M1 Shopping Center in Poznan on behalf of APEXIM.

Office and service facilities

The sector of office and service facilities, providing conditions for the provision of production and warehousing services with back office facilities employing up to 100 people. Development of ICT solutions as part of a comprehensive implementation of security systems and information systems.

Industrial facilities

Solaris Bus & Coach is one of the leading European bus and trolleybus manufacturers: developing ICT solutions for a few tasks. Aquaform, manufacturer of bathtubs and shower cubicles: development of ICT networks in the production and office area. Multilayer Pipe Company (Wavin Group): development of the concept of the plant’s ICT networks and systems, detailed solutions for production halls and high-bay warehouse. Coffee production plant: development of ICT networks in the production and office parts for the application of logistics. Comprehensive development of ICT solutions for the corrugated board production plant in Mosina.

Public utility facilities

More than 100 educational facilities: primary, secondary and higher education: Adam Mickiewicz University (including the development of comprehensive solutions for the Faculty of Arts and Pedagogy in Kalisz: didactic buildings and multifunctional multimedia auditorium). Buildings: Chancellery of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, facilities under the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, local government facilities.

Classified objects

Implementation of tasks for the buildings where systems of processing classified information operate.