The IT market can be regarded as relatively mature. The operating solutions at a certain moment of business activity seemed to be perfectly matched. However, the market is changing, creating needs to which IT professionals must find the right answer. P.I. Unisol engineers understand this situation and create solutions that are the answers in the area of ICT systems.

Over 25 years of work on business process analyses, requirements analyses, ICT system implementations and component deliveries, as well as the achieved authorizations and partner statuses are the capital that is used in the creation and development of ICT systems. Planned tests are conducted before the solution is incorporated into the production system.

Server infrastructure

Delivery, installation of physical and virtual servers. Configuration of Microsoft and VMware virtual environment. Installation, configuration of Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server. Delivery, implementation of server and matrix architecture using SAS HBA, iSCSI, FC, others.

Networks and remote access

Delivery, installation of copper (unshielded/shielded) and fiber optic cabling (multimode, single-mode). Delivery, installation, configuration of local network switches, routers, wireless networks, Firerall-i, UTM (unified threat management) devices. Local networks (access and backbone). Virtual Private Network (IPsec, SSL). Integration of mobile devices with local networks/server services. Network segmentation, security policies. Construction projects, local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). Integration of services in enterprise networks. In 1996, we implemented voice transmission on the data link for the first customer: Poznań- Warsaw relation, in order to connect the brokerage office with the position on the stock exchange floor using Motorola and RAD technology.

Backups and archives

System backups and archives of data sets (files, databases). Automation and supervision of security copies. Verification of system security copies and data retrieval from archives.

Scanning and printing

Document scanners. Local and central printing systems. Large format printouts and plotters.

Power systems

Analysis of power supply conditions. Energy quality analyzers. Electrical installation projects . Building electrical installations . Selection, delivery, installation of central power supplies for server rooms or workstations. Systems of emergency shutdown of server room components. Power supply return scenarios after its failure. Power generators: manual start-up/autostart.


When preparing IT solution for the Customer, we pay special attention to business processes carried out by individual employees or applications. These processes are supported, among others, by application software (office, accounting, HR and payroll, warehouse, production, ERP, CRM, CMS, postal systems). System software is necessary for its operation: (server, workstation). We support document scanning processes and text recognition systems (OCR). We provide service software (supervision of workstations/production workstations), software for buildings technical equipment systems (access control and working time registration), video surveillance systems, etc.). We carry out the integration of the supplied software with the Client’s individual systems. We enable remote access to workstations and equipment.

Security policies

Analysis of the company’s ICT solutions for the management board/DPO for risk analysis. Cooperation with the company’s DPO in developing security policies.