Security systems

In order for a building or an ICT solution to perform the intended functions, control and supervision mechanisms are necessary. With regard to areas, objects, rooms, zones, we talk about mechanical separations and partitions/barriers controlled electronically from technical security systems. With regard to ICT systems, we mean authorized access within a certain scope. Both are supported by control, supervision, reporting and, more recently, analytical mechanisms using artificial intelligence to maintain quality.

Many years of experience in the implementation of ICT systems in various fields of the economy and constantly updated technical knowledge constitute capital, which is used in the development of security systems, supervision, reporting, incident response and analysis.

Security infrastructure

We design, implement and maintain security systems. These systems are dedicated to protect people and property and also serve to increase fire safety. We advise architects on the selection of mechanical and fire protection class for the zones intended for distribution rooms of technical infrastructure and server rooms.

Control systems

In order to increase the comfort of use and to save energy, control systems are necessary to ensure that individual areas of the facility can be used according to their current needs. In order to ensure flexibility and openness of control, we cooperate with external specialists, providing standards of intelligent building control (e.g. KNX) or industrial control standards. For small projects we also use closed solutions of the Polish manufacturers of intelligent building control systems.