Przedsiebiorstwo Informatyczne Unisol was established in 1995 with the goal of providing high standard services in the ICT industry. When creating systems, we care for the uniformity of solutions as well as their structural transparency and openness. In dealing with clients, we try to get to know their real needs and create solutions in response to these needs


We consider it necessary to comply with the existing standards and to implement newly created standards. This approach to the design and implementation of ICT systems entails the need for a thorough analysis of the customer’s needs and a good knowledge of the risks that are components of the system being built. The result of the effort put by our company to ensure the openness of the created ICT solutions is the ease of their development, as well as the possibility of integration with other systems meeting the standards.


We provide our customers with professional technical support for the delivered systems and substantive support in the use of ICT solutions for the implementation of their current tasks. Together with our regular customers, we participate in the planning and implementation of their business development strategies through the use of constantly new ICT technologies.


The high quality of our services and the satisfied customers returning to us have over time confirmed that our reliability pays off both for our customers and ourselves. That is why gaining the position of a Regular Partner by means of professionalism and reliability has become an important element of Unisol IT Company’s strategy.