Internet and collocation

Nowadays, it seems impossible for an enterprise to function without access to the Internet. IT company Unisol has competence and potential also in the area of data transmission links delivery and fiber optic networks construction. To a limited extent we provide collocation of devices.

The implementation of data transmission links is based on our own resources or third party networks/services. In practice, services are provided for commercial customers on a subscription basis. Functioning on the operator market, in addition to current revenues, gives us knowledge of the currently available capabilities of other operators and trends in the development of telecommunications services. This potential serves our customers directly where our connection conditions reach. In other cases, the knowledge of the operator market serves to optimize the conditions of telecommunications connections, including network construction and contracting services for our customers based on third party operator services.

ICT network developments

As part of our clients’ requirements: we design, build and operate data transmission links (fiber optic and radio).

Telecommunications operator services

IT company Unisol has the status of a telecommunications operator in the area of data transmission, collocation and data link delivery. In this area we are subject to the regulations of the Telecommunications Law and the supervision of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (